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This inn, known by the name and sign of The Royal Oak, was built in part during the reign of Elizabeth I, in 1592, though the original structure of the building has been altered and added to through the years on a number of occasions.

The establishment was originally built by the Knatchbull family as a part of the Hatch estate, as the game keeper's lodge, but it was not unitl the year 1723 a licence for the selling of ale was first acquired by Jonah Barton, a descendant of the first game keeper. Following this, with the permission of the magistrates of Ashford, Jonah renamed the premises the "Royal Oak". Jonah's daughter Matilda succeeded him following his death in 1746.

Sir Norton Knatchbull put the "Royal Oak" inn on the market and 1893 it was purchased by the Shepherd Neame Brewery of Faversham.

Since 1893 several landlords and landladies have had the tenancy for the Royal Oak, all of them bringing something different to the village and each of them with stories to tell, including tales of ghostly sightings in the pub, while the ghostly photograph has people questioning the phenomena to this very day.


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